Archiving projects

Once your project is over, you can archive it.

See how to manage existing projects inside the app.

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    What happens to archived projects?

    When you archive a project, it means that its content cannot be accessed anymore and all Kentico Cloud APIs for that project are disabled.

    Here's a list of the most important things that are disabled after archiving:

    • The Delivery API will be disabled. This may break live applications that retrieve content from the project.
    • All contributors on the project will be deactivated and won’t count towards your current usage (unless some of those contributors are still active in other projects).
    • No one will able to access the project anymore until you activate it again.

    Note that content items and assets in archived projects don't count towards your usage.

    Archiving projects

    Only subscription admins can archive projects.

    To archive a project:

    1. Click your initials in the bottom left corner and choose My projects.
    2. On the project card of a specific project, click More actions .
    3. Click Archive.

    Activating projects

    If you later need to activate a project, click Restore project to make it active again.

    After activating, make sure to activate contributors who were invited to the project so they can start working on content again.

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